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Hi. I’m Doug Hansen and I’m pleased to offer this site whose purpose is to  provide honest and useful reviews of cruises that my wife, myself, and carefully selected cruise experts have personally experienced. For several years I have been posting my published travel articles and photos at

Travel has been my life since I was young. I recently calculated that I’ve spent 10 years (of my 65 years) living, working or traveling in 85 countries. But over time, I’ve noticed that my desire to travel has remained high while my willingness to “rough it,” like I used to when I backpacked around Asia and Africa and the Middle East, has diminished. For many years I had no desire to go on cruises. Now that’s changing as I get older (and wiser) and I’ve started to fully appreciate the value of using a cruise ship to take us to new and interesting places while maintaining a comfortable, safe home base. For me it’s like exploring the world in luxury mode.

As we do more cruises in the future, along with our traditional overland travel, I will share specific tips and do’s and don’ts that my readers can use to have the most rewarding travels.  

Travel is a life-enriching activity that helps break down barriers between people. It enriches the body, mind and soul. So happy trails and please feel free to share your travel tales with me at

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